Monthly Archives: February 2014


Tuk Tuk, Vamoose!

Travel for even a day in nearly any Southeast Asian town or city with more than 200 residents and you’ll quickly become familiar with the ubiquitous tuk-tuk, the most common and cost-effective mode of transportation for locals and travelers alike (non-motorbike category). Finding them isn’t particularly difficult; in fact, it’s generally as simple as walking down even a slightly busy street, and waiting for the catcalls from eager tuk-tuk drivers to cascade towards you from seemingly every direction:

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Being For the Benefit of Uncle Ho

To celebrate my last days in beautiful Laos, I figured I’d finally get around to posting some pictures from Vietnam (at this rate, I’m hoping to get pictures from Laos uploaded sometime before the end of the current Obama administration). I’ll hold my thoughts on the sometimes-contentious reaction that being an American inspired in some of the more rural / traditional parts of Vietnam for another post; overall, it was a fantastic experience with great people, amazing food, and lively cockfights.

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