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Of Bangkok and Beagles, Bros and Baptisims

Visiting Southeast Asia without seeing Thailand is like reading The Lord of the Rings trilogy, but not The Hobbit, eating chili without any jalapeƱos (or a proper roux base, for that matter), or listening to all of Highway 61 Revisited, but skipping “Like A Rolling Stone.” It may not be your favorite, but it’s a central part of the experience, and perhaps the most well-known part of it at that. Without it, it’s hard to fully appreciate the big picture.

Anyway, I babbled enough about Thailand as a whole in my previous post. Here are some pictures:

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Thailand: The Florida of Southeast Asia

If you’re like me, you’ve probably spent countless hours entertaining yourself by scanning the great @_FloridaMan Twitter feed, which highlights some of the day’s more outlandish news stories with the phrase “Florida man” in the headline (“Florida man sets car on fire in McDonald’s parking lot in dispute over dessert;” “Florida man arrested for throwing dog poop at pregnant girlfriend”).

Just me, then?

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